• To promote informal fellowships among ambassadors, among diplomats and among UN leaders, from all faiths and none, where the foundational human freedoms of conscience and religion are respected, dialogues of understanding are encouraged, and the personal value of each individual is embraced in the love and spirit of Jesus;

• To assist the United Nations diplomatic community in acknowledging the Sovereignty of God over the affairs of all peoples and nations, and in understanding His divine perspective and will in their noble pursuit of sustainable global peace and goodwill for all mankind;

• To encourage members of the United Nations foreign service community in identifying and understanding the practical relevance and application of God’s divine truths for their own personal lives and those of their families;

• To provide a safe place for spiritual dialogue, spiritual discovery and spiritual development for the foreign service community during their posting to the United Nations;

• To support members of the United Nations foreign service community in procuring effective, faith-based partnerships designed to meet various needs within their nations and among their peoples.


The purpose of the Foreign Service Fellowship International is to assist the distinguished members of the United Nations foreign service community by providing a non-political, enjoyable and effective environment for building personal friendships; enhancing their personal spiritual awareness and understanding; engaging pertinent, spiritual perspectives that may be useful in their diplomatic deliberations; and establishing a warm sense of fellowship among individuals and nations, in the spirit of Jesus.


From its earliest roots in 1972, Foreign Service Fellowship International  has established an enduring and effective legacy for building bridges of friendship with hundreds of ambassadors and diplomats from many nations and faiths; providing personal service, support and encouragement to them; and promoting a genuine sense of cross-cultural unity and understanding among the United Nations international foreign service community.

Initially formed as Christian Ministries to the United Nations (CMUN) in July 2011 under the leadership and vision of Mr. Ken Welborn (who became CMUN’s Executive Director in January 1999), the ministry was reorganized and renamed Foreign Service Fellowship International (FSF).  This new name was chosen to better reflect our focus (i.e. the foreign service community), our span (i.e., international – all 193 nations), and our purpose (i.e., to promote a genuine cross-cultural fellowship of peace and cooperation in the love and spirit of Jesus).

In addition to our daily service among the United Nations' ambassadors and diplomats, Foreign Service Fellowship International sponsors a variety of pertinent, well-planned and well-attended events for the diplomatic community.  All of these events are designed to enlighten, encourage, and entertain — as well as to provide a brief respite from the rigorous UN schedule.