From its earliest roots in 1972, Foreign Service Fellowship International has established an enduring and effective legacy for building bridges of friendship with hundreds of ambassadors and diplomats from many nations and faiths; providing personal service, support and encouragement to them; and promoting a genuine sense of cross-cultural unity and understanding among the United Nations international foreign service community.

Initially formed as Christian Ministries to the United Nations (CMUN), in July 2011, under the leadership and vision of Mr. Ken Welborn (who became CMUN’s Executive Director in January 1999), the ministry was reorganized and renamed Foreign Service Fellowship International (FSF).  This new name was chosen to better reflect the ministry's focus (the foreign service community), its span (international--all 193 nations), and its purpose (to promote a genuine cross-cultural fellowship of peace and cooperation in the love and spirit of Jesus).

In addition to a daily service among the UN ambassadors and diplomats, FSF sponsors a variety of pertinent, well-planned and well-attended events for the diplomatic community.  All of these events are designed to enlighten, encourage, and entertain—as well as to provide a brief respite from the rigorous UN schedule. A sampling of such events includes:



The International Prayer Breakfast— Held in the Delegates Dining Room since 1985, this event has become a much anticipated tradition and spiritual prelude to the Opening of the each new UN General Assembly Session.

The Cross-cultural Easter Celebration Dinner and Concert— A festive gala event for 200+ ambassadors, diplomats, and their spouses.  Although this event celebrates the distinctive foundations of the Christian faith, it is well-attended by members of several faiths in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Christmas for the Nations  —  A festive Christmas luncheon, for UN ambassadors to focus on God as the real gift-giver.

The Ambassadors’ Spring Luncheon Forum (also known as ‘The Legacy Luncheon’) — A luncheon event for ambassadors focusing on the significance of leaving (and living) a Godly legacy for our families, as well as for our governments and nations. A refreshing time of personal refocusing.


An Evening with Dr. Billy Graham — A gala Christmas banquet, held in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for PRs, DPRs and their spouses.  Some 350 guests heard a memorable message of God’s peace from Dr. Graham.

A Spring Luncheon Forum— Lord Brian Griffiths (Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs-Europe and former Economic Advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher), addressed more than 150 ambassadors on a topical discussion entitled “Does the Third Way Offer Something New?"

An Inside Look at African Health— A luncheon for UN ambassadors, held during African Health Week and featuring Dr. Ebrahim Samba, World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa (and native of Gambia).

Celebrating Our Children— A gala banquet held for ambassadors and visiting world leaders during the 2002 UN World Summit on Children.  This event focused on the priority of seeking God’s wisdom and direction in addressing the growing needs of children throughout the world. Dr. Billy Kim, President of Far East Broadcasting Company (Seoul, Korea) was the guest speaker.

In addition, from 2003-2007, FSF co-sponsored The African Union Heads of State Prayer Breakfast, which was held in Maputo, Mozambique (2003); Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2004); Abuja, Nigeria (2005); Khartoum, Sudan (2006); and Accra, Ghana (2007).  This event became an annual gathering of some 200-300 African Heads of State/Government, Foreign Ministers, cabinet ministers, select ambassadors and other African leaders held prior to the opening of the annual AU Summit meeting.  The stated purpose of this exclusive event was “to acknowledge the Sovereignty of God over all African nations, and to seek His wisdom and leadership over the Summit proceedings and deliberations."